Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Happened To Comments?

I linked Disqus to my blog yesterday and realized after that comments left by readers had disappeared in the process. I haven't figured out a way to get them back as yet and they are missed!

Trying new tools is fun and can be effective for accomplishing my goals, so when this kind of glitch occurs my thoughts can not help but shift to my own personal principles of change management. Overall this is a pretty small change but my response to it is a little check in as to where my resilience stands right now.

1) Change happens-accept that and dare I say, perhaps you may even enjoy it. I like trying new products and having new experiences but even for enthusiasts like me sometimes changes don't seem all that great. The key is to figure out how to turn that experience around or if that isn't possible maybe it simply isn't worth spending too much time and energy on. Perspective, as my Norwegian friend Astri likes to say, is a "leveller"-in other words if a change feels negative find a way to get perspective. For me that usually means talking to a trusted friend and sometimes it means a walk on the beach-both those activities clear my head and allow me to look at things anew.

2) Change can be good and it can be bad and it can have no effect at all-take the time to figure out what    each change means to you and how you will put it into perspective, take advantage of it, learn something new or shrug it off. There are often opportunities in change that may not be obvious at first. Finding those opportunities means you have to stop focussing on what is 'lost' and discover what might be gained. Sometimes this is simply adapting and sometimes it becomes a positive gain that may not have been discovered otherwise. Complacency when life is going well happens to most of us, this is part of why change often comes as a surprise. Developing the competencies that increase our resilience on an ongoing basis is important to being able to make the necessary adaptation when change occurs.

3) If I am feeling stressed in an unhealthy way about a change, it is time to check in with the current status of my resilience-have I been taking care of this?

Those three points work for me. What works for you?

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