Monday, June 06, 2011

How Can The MBTI Help Me Work With Others?

One example is when you consider people who have opposite preferences but need to problem solve.



Understanding these preferences is very helpful when problem solving with co-workers. Each of the above preferences approaches problem solving from a different ‘place’ and understanding this means that you can reduce the noise in problem solving and recognize that each person will make a valuable contribution but will begin and end from different places.

So, ISTJ will “Look at Facts” then "Apply Logic” then "Consider People” then "Look at the larger picture."

And, ENFP will “Look at the larger picture”, then “Consider People”, then “Apply Logic”, then “Look at Facts”

Each person proceeds through the process from different places. What often happens when we don’t understand preferences is that the ISTJ makes a statement that the ENFP takes exception to, certain that they are missing the people aspect, or the ISTJ thinks the ENFP is 'too' focused on feelings. Yet if each person understood that it is simply where we start from they could have the conversation stay on track. Let each person make a contribution and then make a decision based on the information provided.

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