Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Confident HR - Are You Ready?

Okay HR Professionals it is 2012 and way past the time when we should be 'wearing' our professional competencies with confidence. There are a mind numbing number of articles out there that question, criticize, blame, denigrate and disrespect HR -they don't even call out specific HR practitioners for less than stellar results but use HR as if every single HR practitioner and team out there is incompetent.

And what do HR practitioners do? You got it-agonize over it, discuss without resolution. For 2012 lets just put all that aside and focus on the great accomplishments that many, many HR professionals pull off every single day.

It is time to start a new conversation and move forward. Are you going to join in and start wearing your HR with confidence? Do you have some great stories to share about leadership in HR? I think you do.

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