Monday, April 30, 2012

Social & HR-More On This

More often we see HR and Agency Recruiters using Social Media to attract applicants for positions and in some organizations to build external candidate pools for future hiring needs. Great stuff you say-it gives you a broader reach and the cost is lower than traditional methods provided. What we also are hearing more about though is that the experience an applicant may be offered through recruiting methods doesn't show up once hired. In a few instances there have been anecdotes that it doesn't even make it to the first step of the interview process. So, you are asking (wise people that you are) - what is the missing link here?

Like anything in HR when we consider what we will do in individual pieces rather than systemically, the results show up in not so great employee and candidate experience. When planning your recruiting practices using social media tools ensure the message (or brand if your into that) that goes out to potential applicants matches what they will experience in the interview process, the hiring process, the orientation (or 'onboarding' if you must), the performance management and employee development cycle. Think about it this way-if Company Superb Experience has the best advertising/marketing program you have ever seen and you decide to become a customer-but that experience does not match the advertising/marketing campaign-the customer loyalty the business was hoping for will disappear pretty quickly. Same goes for the employee experience.

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